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        Congratulation to Winning the Bid i
        Urgent Position for Sales Manager
        The Fruitful Year of 2008 for Beiji
        Congratulation to Winning the Bid i
        Congratulations to winning the bid
        Congratulation to Winning the Bid i
        The Build of SOLEX Precision Measur
        Congratulations to Winning the Bid
        Beijing TOP enlarge the laser clean
        The 10th International Environmenta
        Beijing TOP’s business expanded in
        Beijing TOP Mechanical Engineering
      Beijing Office
       Add: Room 5A North No.3 Building of
                Sunny Plaza,
                No.10 Xiaoying Road,
                Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
      Tel: 0086-10-84638076
      Fax: 0086-10-64787587,
      Post Code:110101
      E-mail: pusun@bjtoptec.com
      North American Marketing
      Business Coordinator
      TOP North America Liaison Office
      Richmond Hill,Ontario,Canada
      Tel: +14167866085              
      E-mail: sales@bjtoptec.com
         (hereafter called “BJTOP“) is a comprehensive engineering and technology service company. The major business scope of BJTOP includes the following items:
      1.Providing exploiting and technical consulting service for machinery and engineering projects;
      2.Providing designing, examining, supervising and equipment inspecting service for related products of engineering projects;
      3.Supplying economic information consultation and agent service for sales and after-sale services of the productsbr>BJTOP owns an experienced technical team that has been working on engineering and technology fields for many years, and the professionals that BJTOP has are listed as below
      1.The professionals who have years of experience working on design, process and fabrication for machinery & petrochemical equipment;
      2.The professionals who have years of experience working on inspection for static equipme...
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